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Updated Monday January 25, 2016 by Lake Fenton Little League.

To register for our season or clinics, click the "Registration is Now Open." link above.  

If there is no registration link above, registration isn't currently open.  Typically registration is open November-February for the spring season.

Fall Baseball 2017

Registration closes in 9 days

Fielding Summer 2017

This class will focus on skills related to fielding. Age appropriate throwing and fielding techniques will be covered.

Hitting Summer 2017

This class will focus on drills and skills related to becoming a better hitter.

Pitching or Catching Summer 2017

This class will focus on either pitching OR catching. All participant must come with a partner capable of catching for pitchers and pitching for catchers. An older sibling or parent is preferred.

Sandlot Instructional Games Summer 2017

This session will be a fun instructional game. Players will be split into 2 teams and will play against each other. Coaches will pitch to both teams. If needed a tee will be used to keep the game moving. Coaches will stop play periodically to offer instruction on various game situations. Players will be given a chance to play numerous positions.